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It is with great honor that I introduce you to Munir Sukhtian Group, a combination of wholly owned companies, businesses and cooperative endeavors functional in Jordan and all over the province. Individually, each company in Munir Sukhtian Group’s selection endeavors to be a trailblazer and modernizer in its individual industry.

Constructed by the essential philosophies of truthfulness, desire, and enduring vision, Munir Sukhtian Group remains to grow its market occurrence, expanding its human incomes and constantly enriching its effective values and ethics. We pursue a policy of delegation and knowledge, devoting in the best systems, resources, and public required to excel in all of our attempts.

I am delighted to say that, currently, Munir Sukhtian Group is permanently renowned as a chief in its many properties and possessor, and we will extend to grant the highest quality and client approval in all we do.


Nidal Sukhtian

Chairman and Chief Executive