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With today's globalization, Munir Sukhtian independent associated companies are once again in the midst of change and are now more than ever ready to meet the new challenges. A cut above the rest, they progressively shifting from being first class merchants, contractors, and manufacturers to becoming unequalled service providers. Today, the group is at an advantage in businesses that require advanced technology and skilled human resources.

To maintain its innovative edge, Munir Sukhtian Group will continue to invest in R&D and human resources. Our future plans also include enhancing our active presence in the Middle East and North Africa, extending and increasing our penetration of the European market, and furthering our coverage of the American market.

Our Vision:

To be internationally recognised as a leader in our fields of expertise focusing on organic and non-organic growth opportunities.  

Our Mission:

We are committed to continuously work on finding innovative solutions to best serve the human kind with high-quality, differentiated and cost-effective products in alignment with our commitment to social responsibility.