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The Agricultural business line was established early in 1960, at the time when farming in Jordan was in its early stages, during which, the division introduced many new and improved methods of farming. Through the years, we have developed strong partnerships with key global players in the agricultural industry. Our network of partners includes suppliers of seeds, pesticides (insecticides, fungicides and herbicides), fertilizers and bio-stimulants selected based on the highest levels of quality, effectiveness and efficiency. Today, the Agricultural business line consists of a high level of engagement occurs between our professionally trained staff of agronomists and farmers, through direct field trials and agricultural extension programs to introduce and promote the usage of our products in the field. 


  • Seeds - MSG is among the first and distinctive providers for a wide variety of hybrid seeds, for both indoor and outdoor usage.

  • Pesticides - The extensive variety of pesticides imported from highly regarded sources has given MSG a leading edge in the industry.

  • Fertilizers & Bio-stimulants – We are the leading supplier of the macro and micronutrients, amino acids, humic acids, and many others, representing global players in the Jordanian and other MENA markets.

  • Miscellaneous – MSG plays a vital role in distributing other agricultural products such as peat moss, soil, fogging machines and sprayers