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Love Your Healthy and Shinny Hair

HAIR MATE® is a range of products that are produced to give the hair special care; to treat and revitalize the weakened hair resulting from environmental & chemical factors. HAIR MATE® suits all hair types and it restores natural moisture to hair. It has a time-honored success in different hair styling & treatment formulas while a new HAIR MATE® member containing a special and effective formula with ARGAN OIL and multivitamins, such as VITAMIN E, is known to help Hydrate, Nourish, Strengthen, Repair, Restore, and Add Shine to hair.

HAIR MATE® is available in a wide range of hair care products which are Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Hair Leave-in conditioner, Hair Tonic, Hair Treatment Cream, Hair Cremogel & Styling Gel, Hair Spray and Hair Straightening.