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Pioneer advantage is Munir Sukhtian group’s aim to be in the new generation of biotechnology, biosimilars and diversified portfolio of potential generic pharmaceutical products. We are keen to serve the local Market with high-quality pharmaceutical products in the time-being and to serve the neighboring countries in MENA region, Europe, and USA in the near future.

“Sukhtian Pharma” factory was established in early 2012 in Jordan for the purpose to provide the market with potential pharmaceutical generics that meet the compliance with the highest cGMP standards and Jordanian Food & Drugs Administration (JFDA)‘s regulations. Sukhtain Pharma seeks to develop strong, long-term relationships with all our partners and aims to be part of the global pharmaceutical market.

“Sukhtian Pharma” installed equipment that were imported from European countries have met the highest standards that are applied worldwide. This is part of Munir Sukhtian companies’ mission to keep synchronized with newly developed technologies and to enrich the group with manufacturing capabilities.

“Sukhtian Pharma” factory will be launching its manufacturing activities by mid of 2018 to attract, develop, cultivate and retain exceptionally talented individuals across all organizational lines of the business. We bring an unrivalled level of expertise, highly qualified personnel within the key positions in the plant to become one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical products providers.