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The Veterinary Line was established in 1960 to address the health and nutritional needs of animals in Jordan. Our expert staff of veterinarians and agronomists deals directly with the related pharmacies and clinics as well as farmers, to provide their professional services and assistance to the market.

The veterinary business line serves medication, nutrients, disinfectant, and instruments for poultries, large animals & pets’ production and Healthcare.

Our primary areas of product distribution include the following:

  • Veterinary Medicines:  A wide range of products for poultry and large animal farms such as injectable solutions, oral powder, oral liquid, and medical feed Additives.

  • Feed Additive:  Animal nutrition supplements including Amino Acids, minerals, toxin binder, and tailor-made pre-mixes.   

  • Disinfectants:   Special products for disinfection farms, feed factories, hatcheries, slaughterhouses, and clinics from bacterial, viral, fungal, and protozoal contaminations.

  • Instruments:  We specialize in distributing many veterinary instruments including surgical and farm instruments.

  • Vaccines:  Live and killed Poultry vaccines and vaccination materials.



To see our full range of products/services, Download the blow product file.