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Enjoy a Wealth of Well-Being

HIGEEN® Brand is one of the most featured brands that Householding & Toiletries Manufacturing Co. (HTM) produces. Since its inception in 1971, it kept its leading position in health, beauty and skin care industry in Jordan and the Middle East.

HIGEEN® Hand sanitizer is the most featured production line worldwide as it is rich with vitamin beads and glycerin that keep your hands delicate. Moreover, it comes with different fragrances to meet your taste. This product has gained a worldwide success and is currently distributed to over than 40 countries around the world. HIGEEN® product portfolio has now grown well beyond the sanitizer to include over than 85 “ Stock Keeping Units – SKUs) suitable for adults and children.

As we believe in “State of the Art”,  HIGEEN® philosophy trusts the power of herbs and natural ingredients will give us an innovative edge in the market.

With HIGEEN® GOLD, not only you can double the antibacterial effect of the hand sanitizer by the SMART addtion of Manuka Honey, but also the moisurizing effect as well leaving your hands cleansed, moisturized and refreshed with the delicate honey frangnance.

HIGEEN® consists of a range of products which are Health Care, Personal Care and Cosmetic products.