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A full warehousing capacity Located off airport highway Al Qastal that strategically holds a 10-fold high- tech capacity in more than 10,000 sq. meters. Our warehouses are designed in accordance with global “Health and Safety” standards and ‘Good Storage Practices” and operates in compliance with Jordan FDA requirements and Good distribution practices/good storage practices “GDP/GSP” standards set by World Health Organization (WHO), European Union (EU) and Pharmaceutical inspection scheme PIC/S. ?

The facilities are led professionally by QA mangers and QA officers to adopt efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) with inventory control and continuous cycle counting, allowing it to handle thousands of SKUs on a daily basis with pinpoint accuracy on a real-time basis. All aspects of the warehouses are carefully monitored to ensure efficiency, accuracy, integrity and quality of every product ensuring customer's satisfaction and evident of products quality and efficacy.