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PanArab Leasing CO. is the largest consumer leasing company in Jordan and Algeria. Since its inception, it worked with many reputable clients across the country (Jordan). We have helped our clients to maximise their earning potential by offering the best leasing options that fit their needs, by allowing us to manage their fleet, and helping them to concentrate on their growth.

We are a one-stop complete solution provider for vehicle leasing services; whether you are an individual or commercial entity, we can develop a structure that is tailored to your needs and requirements.

Our dedicated staff and team’s main focus is to serve you, not because they are asked to do so, but because it is a part of our mission and who we are as a company. We go even further to ensure that our clients are treated right, and are comfortable with their initial inquiries about our services and to the end of the lease period.

Specializing in fleets, as well as almost any equipment need, PanArab Leasing Company draws from years of experience to customise a small fleet lease program specifically tailored to the rapidly changing needs. Our broad array of small fleet lease programs allow us to offer highly competitive pricing at an exceptional level of service.

Why PanArab:

  • Outsourcing Fleet Management – By outsourcing the management of your fleet, you will forget the overheads associated with owning, maintaining and monitoring your fleet. Substantial savings are associated with outsourcing corporate fleets.
  • Guaranteed Competitive Prices – As PanArab customer, you will be committing to a flexible, comprehensive, and competitive financial arrangement.
  • Flexibility – You have the option to purchase the vehicle with a single payment, exchange it for a newer model, or renew your lease arrangement.
  • The Lease Tax Break - You can claim tax exemptions on your monthly payments and depreciation of the vehicle.
  • Financial Shelter – Our leasing programs are designed to buffer you from the fluctuations that may negatively impact the value of your vehicle and provide a guarantee of its released value.
  • Leasing Frees Working Capital – By eliminating the down payment for items that are purchased or financed, leasing conserves working capital. Typically, leasing provides 100% of the funds required to acquire a new asset. This frees your capital for more productive uses and keeps more cash on hand.
  • Leasing Preserves Credit Lines – The standard ratios that financial institutions use to evaluate companies for additional credit are enhanced, which makes the preservation and acquisition of credit much easier. Leverage your business for maximum growth.
  • Improve Cash Flow – Lease payments are typically less than finance payments, plus there generally are no down payments or security deposits required; leaving more cash-on-hand and lower payments.


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