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MSG Medical Division has been serving the medical sector since 1950 with an exceptional track record of success. The Rapid changes in technology have ensured that we keep abreast of the trends and learn new technologies to ascertain the best and latest information, and be able to relay it to our customers in an easy and simple manner.

We are unequaled amongst our peers for hiring professional, well-trained medical representatives and engineers who cover most medical and surgical specialties and sub-specialties, both in Jordan and in the region.

To supply our customers - the doctors, surgeons, engineers, and nurses - with the highest quality medical equipment and products, we are allied with leading European and American manufacturers.

As the Jordanian medical sector is renowned both regionally and internationally, the high-tech equipment used in the field is just as impressive.




To see our full range of products/services, Download the blow product file.

PDF icon Medical pdf.pdf (377.09 KB)