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Munir Sukhtian independent associated companies have been developed over the years to be among region's most extensive group of companies, diversified in business to bring out integrated solutions in manufacturing, trading, marketing, distribution, servicing, and contracting with an international presence. Munir Sukhtian Group Trading Company is one of Sukhtian’s group of companies, established to handle its own business lines as well to manage ultimate communication between the associated companies within Munir Sukhtian Group umbrella that would offer integrated business solutions.

As an entrepreneur, Munir Sukhtian - a pharmacist graduated from the American University of Beirut - established a neighborhood pharmacy in Tulkarm, Palestine back in 1933. Later on, his enthusiasm and passion have turned this modest pharmacy into a pioneering manufacturing and distribution organization.
The official trading business line in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) was established, followed by Chemical, Agriculture and Veterinary business lines. Since then, a rapid growth and distinguished successive years have been achieved. Nowadays, we are considered among the first companies to serve the community with a variety of products.
The first pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Palestine was established in 1969 under the name of Beit Jala Pharmaceuticals (BJP), located in the outskirts of Bethlehem. BJP is currently a GMP and ISO certified manufacturing plant. It expanded its business to produce and export medicines to MENA region, Europe, Central Africa and South East Asia. Over the years, BJP accumulated its knowledge in the industry, and its professional and dedicated team have ensured continued success and growth over the years in an ever-growing challenging global market.
The first manufacturing plant for Fast Moving Consumer Goods was established in 1970 in Abu Alanda-Amman under the name of Household and Toiletries Manufacturing (HTM). HTM was designed to offer high quality products for personal care, health care and home care. It is a GMP & ISO certified manufacturing plant that produces and exports household toiletries to many countries assuring renowned international presence. Introducing HIGEEN® Brand to market was among the featured launches that Household & Toiletries Manufacturing Co. (HTM) has commenced its business with. Since its inception in 1971, HIGEEN® has kept its leading position in health, beauty and skin care industry in Jordan and the Middle East. The flexibility to respond to the market changes has pushed our bounders to emerge in different sectors. In 1973, the communication & security business line was established to be the first to introduce (C3I ) "Command, Control, Communication" and Information Systems in the region that was and still an important segment to provide the public and private sectors with the highest stranded of security equipment.
We believe in our business to the degree that our products have become one of the daily life essentials. Therefore, in response to the market needs and demands our FMCG has increased its productions to include new families of high standard products.
Complying with GMP guidelines and our vision to expand our manufacturing business, a new Household Toiletries Manufacturing (HTM) plant was established in Irbid. This new plant is specialized in producing aerosols, tablets & solutions products such as insecticides, disinfectants and air fresheners. This new plant is ISO certified manufacturing that produces and export products to MENA region, Europe, Central Africa and South East Asia. We were the first to introduce the hand antiseptic gel preparation to the region. With its distinguished formula, HIGEEN® Hand sanitizer protects, moisturizes and refreshes hands as it is rich with vitamin beads, glycerin. With the added value of having multiple fragrances, we guaranteed an innovative edge in the market till this date. The lack of natural resources especially water in Jordan has opened the door for businesses to provide suitable solutions for desalination and water treatment. We acknowledged the importance of our role to provide such help to our community. Therefore, we establish a new business line for Water Treatment & Environmental science. This business line aimed to supply companies and factories with the right solutions in water treatment and prevention of environmental pollution. This line consists of specialised engineers and technicians teams that are qualified to diagnose problems and provide solutions accurately.
To keep our stability and growth, we have focused on our organic growth through expanding production lines, meeting markets' needs and thus increasing our market share, as well we have introduced new business lines both domestically and internationally.
A new third branch for Household Toiletries Manufacturing Co. (HTM) in Zarqa Area was acquired in year 2014 to be refurbished with the latest high-tech high-capacity machinery to meet our markets mounting demands. To further strengthen Munir Sukhtian group of companies’ presence and footprint in the local market (Jordan), Middle East and Europe, Sukhtian Pharma Co. has been recently established to serve the local Market with high-quality pharmaceutical products as well as serving the neighboring countries in MENA region, Europe and USA in the near future.