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The Best Source of Calcium

CALCITRA® family has been designed to satisfy different needs for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis through providing an unsurpassed calcium supplementation that might be combined with vitamin D in some of its brands.

CALCITRA® Caplet is a calcium supplement which contains calcium citrate equivalent to 200 mg elemental calcium. What distinguish this formula that it is better absorbed than traditional (calcium carbonate) formula by approximately 22%-27%, either on empty stomach or co-administered with meals. (1)

“Calcium citrate formulations taken between meals may help to prevent abdominal distension and flatulence, as well as minimize the risk of renal calculus formation, thus helping to optimize patient compliance”. (2)

Calcitra®- D is a calcium citrate supplement with vitamin D3. It is used for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in pregnant, breastfeeding and post-menopausal women.

Calcitra®- D Maxi Dense offers higher calcium citrate concentration combined with vitamin D3.