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Communication and Security business line is a major source of professional security services and communication equipment in Jordan and the Middle East since 1977. Recently and in light of globalisation; industries have grown closer to one another, and the rapidly increasing technology has expanded to encompass homeland security, telecommunication and information technology in one industry.

We are market leaders and a qualified supplier in the fields of security, communications and warning systems. Our mission is to keep communities safe and secure with a rigorous team and experienced staff of professional and certified engineers, skilled technicians and a network of seasoned consultants.

The Communications and Security business line is structured and equipped to provide the following:

Security Systems

  • X-Ray Baggage Scanners: security screening solutions for aviation, air cargo, military, law enforcement and other mission-critical applications, for the detection of weapons, explosives and contraband. Our scanners are made in the U.S for the best in detection, performance and reliability.

  • Metal Detectors: the best walkthrough & handheld metal detectors in the market with wide range of types. Our Metal detectors are made in the U.S and Europe for the best in detection, performance and reliability.

  • Cameras: a wide range of surveillance cameras and recording systems (analogue, IP, HD, TVI) at fair and reasonable cost.

  • Gates & Barriers: Turnstile gates, sliding doors, road blockers, tire killer and bollards.

  • Perimeter Security: detect intruders at the perimeter with a fence, gate, and different types of sensors, and an intelligent lighting and sensing solution.

Communication Systems

  • Radios (walkie-talkies, repeaters, antennas): police radios, business handhelds to family-friendly walkie-talkies, a full range of handheld and vehicle radios, repeaters, antennas and cables.

Warning Systems

  • Outdoor/indoor sirens.
  • Speakers.
  • Public Address.
  • Light bars.