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Started early as “Logistics management” to serve Munir Sukhtian associated companies by the effective and efficient management of the flow of goods, services and related information. Its main objective is to have the RIGHT product, at the RIGHT quality, time, place, and the RIGHT price. Expanded to cope with the rapid changes in business to have “Integrated Solutions’ Provider” that additionally assist the planning and management of sourcing and procurement activities as well assures competitive edge through high-level coordination and collaboration with channel partners.

  • Earned the honour of becoming a “Golden List Jordan Customs” member in 2009 through its dedicated management system through granting highest standards of integrity, transparency and being clear.
  • Recognised as a USAID/OFDA “pre-qualified” pharmaceutical wholesaler for human and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Our Main Activities:

Strategic Sourcing:

  • We deal with a vast network of suppliers from all over the world who are comprehensively vetted to provide the highest quality standards to deliver the needed products or services for the acquiring organization.
  • This would include handling different procurement & purchasing activities such as specifications development, value analysis, supplier market research, negotiation, buying activities, contract administration, inventory control, traffic, receiving and storing.
  • Among the sourced materials:
  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Medical supplies and equipment.
  3. Veterinary products.
  4. Chemicals.
  5. Raw materials.
  6. Water treatment devices and solutions.
  7. Household and toiletries products.
  8. Communication and security devices.


  • We have highly experienced, fully dedicated in-house clearance department head-quartered in Amman with additional permanent staff in Queen Alia airport, Zarqa free zone and Aqaba.
  • Our staff carries out the responsibilities of incoming & outgoing clearing activities for a wide range of products ranging from pharmaceuticals to industrial raw materials.

Export shipping:

  • We ship your goods safely overseas as if they were our own.
  • We offer personalized shipping services from all local ports to our worldwide destinations that include different freight shipping services.



We own the largest private distribution fleet in Jordan covering all retail shops and distribution channels including health care centers and pharmacies, managed by an online vehicle tracking system.