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Abnaa Sukhtian for General Trade Co. has commenced its commercial activities in Kurdistan-Iraq to serve the northern governorates whereas, within a short period of time,  it expanded its activities to assure the best coverage of all the nineteen governorates in Iraq through her additional representative office in Baghdad. Abnaa Sukhtian for General Trade Co. has built a valuable reputation in various fields from general, agricultural, veterinary and chemical products trading to water treatment.

All these lines are considered as active divisions or tendering practices which has their own warehousing management system in Kurdistan and Baghdad, in addition to its own logistics and fleet management managed by 100% country local staff.

Business Scopes:

  • Trading: Abnaa Sukhtian Co. started with the distribution of Household Toiletries products and expanded with time to cover Professional Hair Color & Care, Hair Care, Dental Care, Body Care, Skin Care, Personal Care, Baby Care and Cosmetics.
  • Agricultural business line: The agricultural line in Abnaa Sukhtian Co. is at the forefront of the industry and is recognised as a leading supplier of a wide range of Fertilizers & Biostimulants, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides products as well as pesticides and vegetable seeds.
  • Veterinary business line: The veterinary line in Abnaa Sukhtian Co. is established to meet the animal health and nutrition needs of farmers in the region. Our qualified staffs of veterinarians provide their professional services to the veterinary pharmacies and the farmers directly.
  • Chemical business line: Abnaa Sukhtian Co. have continuously operated the chemical line using two methods; sales including warehouse stocking, as well as direct sales from suppliers and principals to customers. We are committed to being a regional benchmark for importing chemicals to all industries and providing an expanding range of products that satisfy the growing needs of the chemical industry. For continuous improvement of the quality of life, the Chemical Line in Abnaa Sukhtian has established several sub-divisions supplying Additives & Raw Materials, Tinting Machines & Mixers to serve main industrial sectors like Construction, Paints and Coatings, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics and Detergents, Plastics and more.
  • Environmental & Water Sciences business line: Abnaa Sukhtian Environmental & Water Science line supplies companies and factories with the right solutions for water treatment and prevention of environmental pollution. We have a team of specialized engineers and technicians that can accurately diagnose problems and provide solutions for fully integrated service.

Agriculture major partners:

  • Agrisemen    
  • American Colloid    
  • Arysta Life Science    
  • Astra    
  • BASF
  • Brill    
  • Ciba    
  • Diamond    
  • E.C.P.V    
  • Harris Moran
  • Innova    
  • Kekkila    
  • Lances Link    
  • Miller    
  • Monsanto
  • PulsFog    
  • Troy Bio Sciences    
  • Tyemur    
  • Valagro    
  • Volpi

Veterinary major partners:

  • Ajinomoto    
  • Biove` Laboratories    
  • Cenavisa    
  • Coventry    
  • Danisco
  • Degussa    
  • Henke Sass Wolf    
  • Ibsa    
  • Izo    
  • Kerbl
  • Lavet    
  • Norbrook    
  • Quat chem    
  • Selko    
  • Trisal    
  • Vilsan

Chemical major partners:

  • Avantor    
  • Behn Meyer (BM)    
  • BK Giulini    
  • Hansen & Rosenthal    
  • Kahl Wax
  • Orion    
  • Sensient Colors    
  • Vivimed    
  • Tinting Systems Company

Environmental & Water Sciences major partners:

  • BASF - Ciba    
  • DOW - Rohm & Haas    
  • HACH - Lange
  • Occidental    IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.