Legal Services

Legal line, under the name of Smart Law, aims is to be a leading global law firm, building strong and long-term corporate and individual relationships which ensure that top companies and organizations instinctively turn to us for support on their most important and challenging assignments.

The Legal line was established in the late 1970’s to handle Munir Sukhtian Group of companies' legal needs. Over the years, the Legal Department has progressed and enhanced its knowledge and services, in line with the group's business activities. The line continuously focuses on keeping pace with developments regarding legislation and international and bilateral agreements; especially those pertaining to intellectual property rights, commercial and industrial rights and trade agreements.

Today, with the extensive experience accrued, the legal line has grown to service a large global client base beyond the Group. We believe that our partnership approach with our clients is the key to our success; their interest is ours.

Doing this requires a constant focus on our client, a deep understanding of our markets, globally minded and committed people and responsibility and integrity in the way we interact with our business and manage our communities.

Currently, there is a team of dedicated lawyers engaged in various corporate and individual relationships accompanied by the support of additional staff. Each lawyer in the Legal Department is specialized in a specific area of legal services.

Our Practice Areas


Our legal services are able to litigate corporate and commercial disputes. Our team has extensive expertise across various practice areas and industries, including breach of contracts, labor and employment, construction, intellectual property, real estate, distribution and agencies.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We have high success rate and an insurmountable amount of experience in settling disputes through legal negotiations and mediation. Our experience allows us to represent clients before local and international arbitration tribunals.

Corporate and Commercial

We offer legal and expert advice in many subject areas which include and not limited to foundation and organization, corporate finance, corporate compliance and governance, mergers, etc.

Commercial Contracts

We offer various legal services in commercial contracting with legal issuers, contracts drafting and breach of contract litigation. In addition we draft contracts that address legal requirements and meet the needs of our client’s interests.

Intellectual Property (IPRs)

IPR and all commercial legislation, including and not limited to Industrial Property Protection (trademarks, trade names, patents, industrial models & designs, commercial agents' registrars). Safety measures for protecting IPRs, including product trademark and manufacturer's rights.

Antitrust, Trade Regulation and Competition

We offer legal services for the protection of business and commercial investments both locally and internationally.