Logistics Management & Warehousing

Logistics Management is a part of supply chain management in Munir Sukhtian Group that plansimplements, and controls the efficienteffective forward, and reverse flow and storage of goodsservices, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption, by a dedicated fleet management system and team to serve the market requirements.

 As a mission from Munir Sukhtian Group,  a full warehousing capacity built in Qastal area near Amman that strategically boasts a capacity of more than 10,000 pallet positions in accordance of global health and safety standards using very narrow aisle (VNA) and selective pallet racking to maximize the use of space throughout the facility in order to serve the group company’s stock control in assistance of a  dynamic and efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) with barcode picking, radio frequency capabilities and continuous cycle counting, allowing it to handle thousands of SKUs on a daily basis with pinpoint accuracy on a real-time basis. All aspects of the warehouses are closely monitored to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and the integrity and quality of every product.