As part of innovation and new challenges, Sukhtian manufacturing sites in Jordan & Palestine carries out diverse R&D in order to provide even greater satisfaction to our customers. This forward-looking attitude is revealed in our history with the opening the first Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant located in the outskirts of Bethlehem, BeitJala Pharmaceuticals (BJP), in addition to Household Toiletries Manufacturing (HTM) plant established in 1972 in Amman. All plants are accompanied by a large-scale, specialized R&D teams for the production of generic pharmaceutical products and innovative personal care, natural cosmoceuticals and household & toiletries products. These plants continues to expand, by establishing a branch specialized in the manufacturing of aerosols related to the household and toiletries products in 1991, in addition to the  new plant, Sukhtian Pharma, dedicated  for producing pharmaceutical products in Naour area by end of 2017.


This approach of product R&D combined with market trend and consumer behavior research, has given us the power to provide the world with our globally renowned brands.