Scientific Seminar for the Management of Infectious Bronchitis (IBV) among Egg-Laying Chickens’ Farms Organized by the Veterinary Department in Cooperation with Vaxxinova International Company



Fairmont Hotel in Amman hosted a scientific seminar about Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) in the Egg-Laying Chickens’ Farms held by the Veterinary Department at Munir Sukhtian Group Company and in cooperation with Vaxxinova International Company last Wednesday corresponding November 26th, 2018.     



Various representatives of the biggest poultry production companies and farmers in the Kingdom attended the seminar and they were very interested in the subject while a wide extent of the attendees were interactive.



The HiGeen family participated in the seminar through distributing sachets and brochures related to some products, including for example but not limited to Harrar, Barrad, Jaddad and others among attendees and participants.